August 2021: Calzuro Supports The Ehlers- Danlos Society

On July 30th, Calzuro hosted a Shop for a Cause Event benefitting The Ehlers-Danlos Society.

"The Ehlers-Danlos Society is a global community of individuals, caregivers, healthcare professionals,
and supporters, dedicated to saving and improving the lives of those affected by the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS),
hypermobility spectrum disorders (HSD), and related conditions".
 Find out more information on:

With the help of our customers, Calzuro raised $1,056 for the organization! This event was a huge success. Calzuro is grateful for
the support from our customers and the opportunity to give back. Calzuro loves helping the community. We continue to give back
with our bi- monthly contributions to select non- profits. How it works: Calzuro asks our customers on social media to nominate their
favorite non- profit and then a winner is randomly selected for the giveback. Once a winner is selected, a donation day is arranged
where customers can shop and a percentage is donated back to the winning organization. This is a way that the brand is able to
involve their customers and take into consideration important causes that are near and dear to them.

Calzuro encourages all who are interested in participating in nominations and donation days, to follow along on social media
@calzuro for updates on future giveback days.

Thank you to everyone for your support in making a difference in the lives of so many! Calzuro appreciates you! #CalzuroCares

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