Supporting Advocating Opportunity: Empowerment through Every Purchase

On August 17th, with each purchase made on Calzuro, a percentage of sales will be dedicated to Advocating Opportunity (AO), a beacon of hope for trafficked and exploited individuals. 

Advocating Opportunity is a force of change & an important resource for those who have endured unimaginable hardships. Specializing in comprehensive legal services and whole-person advocacy, AO goes beyond traditional aid by delivering a trauma-responsive, human rights-based, and client-led approach to combating human trafficking and labor exploitation. AO is a beacon of hope, offering holistic support to survivors on their path to healing and restoration.

Unlike many programs that focus solely on specific demographics or types of trafficking, AO embraces diversity and inclusivity. Their work transcends boundaries, encompassing men and women, minors and adults, domestic and foreign nationals, all who have faced the horrors of sex and labor trafficking. This unique breadth makes AO a true pioneer in the field, shining a light on the often-overlooked areas of support.

One of AO's outstanding features is its commitment to creating stable home environments for survivors, enhancing their overall well-being. By offering family support and nurturing organic networks, AO ensures that survivors have the foundation needed for their journey towards recovery.

But here's where your role comes in: your shopping experience today can make a world of difference. When you shop on August 17th, not only will you discover great products known for their style and comfort, but you'll also directly contribute to AO's mission. With every purchase, a portion of the sales will fuel AO's initiatives, empowering survivors and championing their rights.

However, if shopping isn't on your agenda today, you can still play a crucial role. Consider making a direct donation to Advocating Opportunity via their website. Your contribution, whether through shopping or donating, demonstrates your commitment to a brighter future for survivors of trafficking and exploitation.

Let's stand together, shop with purpose, and advocate for change. Join the movement today and be part of something truly transformative. Your choice matters, and together, we can create a world where every step forward is a step towards empowerment.

Thank you for your continued support!


Shop Calzuro and support Advocating Opportunity

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