Calzuro Focuses on Sustainability

Recycle with Calzuro Classic!

Sustainability is a top priority for the Calzuro brand and the Calzuro Classic undoubtedly delivers on that. Calzuro Classics are made of a co-polymer rubber, that are 100% recyclable. They are also considered totally non-allergenic, latex-free and in compliance with the REACH standard. The company highly encourages customers to take advantage of the recycling benefit. So much so, that they have incorporated incentives in their Comfort Club Rewards Program.

Calzuro Focuses on Sustainability

Here’s the scoop on how it works once you have maxed out your miles on your Calzuro Classics:

Step 1 -Customers join Comfort Club at

Step 2 - Place Calzuro Classics in the recycling bin for pickup or take to a drop-off recycling facility. Snap a photo/selfie while recycling your Classics!

Step 3 - Send Calzuro your recycling selfie to

Step 4 - Calzuro will reward you with 50 Comfort Club points to use toward your next pair! These steps can also be found here!

Calzuro is proud to offer an environmentally friendly product to customers that they can join in on our sustainability efforts by recycling. Please reach out to with questions on sustainability or recycling Calzuro Classics.

Treat your feet, treat others, treat the planet.

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