Calzuro is Featured on is making it's name known! Several articles have been published about Calzuro in the last year as the fan base continues to grow. One of our favorite articles written recently on is titled “12 Best Shoes for Nurses and Other Workers Who Stand All Day, According to Podiatrists” by Sanah Fanoke and Jen McCaffrey.

Calzuro is excited to be featured as a top contender, especially as a great majority of the customers are on their feet for extended periods of time. The segment on Calzuro was written eloquently and the authors did a stellar job describing Calzuro Classics. One of our favorite lines was “These Italian clogs are a cult favorite among everyone from cheesemakers to emergency medicine physicians—and
for good reason. With a slip-resistant sole and anti-static material, a genuinely cool silhouette, and a slight heel to reduce fatigue, they’re practically made for nurses". The article continues on “…And Calzuro clogs are among the easiest shoes to clean, since they play nice with both dishwashers and autoclaves.”

It is no secret that many nurses are devotees of Calzuro Classics, but there is a broad range of Calzuro wearers in different professions because of all the unique benefits.

One customer in the article wrote, “I do 24 hour shifts and these shoes keep my feet happy”. If we can continue to make feet happy, one step at a time, then we know we are doing our job.

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