February 2023: Calzuro Food & Wine Magazine

Calzuro has been featured in the Food & Wine magazine for the February 2023 edition! Food & Wine is a magazine that emphasizes food, adult beverages, and all things in the culinary field. Calzuro was asked to be a part of this fantastic article due to the shoes' benefits to culinary professionals. Calzuro is anti-static, anti-slip, and dishwasher-safe!

In the article, written by Margaret Eby, Calzuro shoes are listed as “ these stylish and functional clogs are a boon for chefs and home cooks alike”. Calzuro is made to provide a unique and fun style, while also giving you all of the functions you need in a shoe. The article also highlights multiple chefs and their experiences with Calzuro. Kiki Aranita, a recipe developer and chef is quoted as saying, “They’re high-quality, comfortable, and great for standing”. Even though Calzuro was made for medical professionals, there is certainly a space for Calzuro in the culinary field!

Read the full article at: Food & Wine Magazine

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