"Getting Scouted" : Calzuro in The Scout Guide

Calzuro has been featured in The Scout Guide: Columbus. Calzuro US is located in Plain City, Ohio, which is in the Columbus Metropolitan area. Columbus is home to many diverse businesses and people, and Calzuro is proud to be a part of the community.

The Scout Guide is a national company that produces print guides for over 74 cities across the United States. The Scout Guide is, “Guided by the belief that small businesses are the cornerstones of our cities, The Scout Guide (TSG) connects people with local makers, experts, and one another.” Calzuro is grateful to be a part of The Scout Guide and its support of local small businesses!


The Scout Guide Columbus is owned and edited by Abigail Fredelake who helped Calzuro “Get Scouted” for their latest issue. “Getting Scouted” is the term used by The Scout Guide that refers to businesses that they have found worthy of a spot in their guide. The Scout Guide can best be described as an aesthetic guide of locally owned businesses.

Check out Calzuro on page 88:The Scout Guide Columbus:7th Edition

Check for your local Scout Guide here:The Scout Guide

Picture rights belong to TSG Columbus and Kismet Visuals

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