Celebrates 35 Years in the US

Wynne Corporation dba is proud to be celebrating 35 years as the exclusive U.S. licensed distributor of the Calzuro brand. The distributorship began in April 1987 by co-owner Terry Wynne, who was later joined by his wife, Jenifer Wynne, in 1996. The Calzuro brand of professional footwear was launched in Italy in 1983 by Gianfranco Bidoia, original owner and CEO of Bihos SRL, located in Padova, Italy. Gianfranco was seeking to design a type of footwear that could meet the constantly changing needs of the medical field and for healthcare workers who need clean and comfortable footwear. The current CEO of Bihos SRL is Roberta Bidoia, daughter of Gianfranco.
The partnership began in the late 80’s in a chance meeting when Terry met Gianfranco Bidoia and his brother Sandros in Duesseldorf, Germany at the annual Inter-hospital Convention. At this time, Bihos was seeking sales and distributorship of its new clog, the Calzuro, a unique footwear designed for comfort while also meeting requirements of healthcare environments, i.e. easy to sterilize and antistatic. At the same time, Terry and his then business partner were seeking new opportunities for their specialty medical device distributorship. The combined needs of both businesses created a lasting partnership that has grown throughout the years.

In the beginning the Calzuro Classic was only available with upper ventilation holes and in 4 colors: white, green, orange, and light blue. Over 35 years, has seen a lot of change and growth in the brand, adding new styles and colors (currently 17) to the selection. Calzuro has built a reputation being known for fun colors, comfort, and reliability. Calzuro is looking forward to what the future brings, including the launch of a new product/design in the next year.
Terry and Jenifer Wynne have enjoyed watching the brand grow and find success in the US over the last 35 years through loyal customers and dedicated employees. As owners, they are passionate about Customer Service and strive to provide the best service for customers looking to buy new footwear and to educate on the health benefits of wearing Calzuro. The business has found success in offering customers a quality and durable product with value and Customer Service with integrity, dependability, and efficiency.
Calzuro is grateful to all of the loyal customers over the years and looks forward to many more being a source/connection for the best in Italian designed and manufactured professional footwear for Healthcare.
Thank you for Treating Your Feet.
Our mission is to provide easy to clean footwear, made to treat your feet.

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