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Calzuro Laundry Bag

Calzuro Laundry Bag

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Introducing our Laundry Bag for Clogs, the perfect solution for keeping your footwear protected and your washing machine free from unwanted debris. This laundry bag is designed to ensure your clogs receive the gentlest treatment during the washing process.

Size: 40cm (15.7 inches) x 30cm (11.8 inches)


✓ Accommodates All Calzuro Footwear Styles & Sizes
✓ Fine Mesh for Effective & Gentle Washing
✓ Zipper Closure to Securely Enclose Footwear
✓ Zipper Cover for Protection & Snag Prevention

More Info

The laundry bag is constructed from fine mesh material, specifically chosen for its excellent breathability and durability. The fine mesh allows water and detergent to flow freely, ensuring your clogs receive a thorough and effective wash. Say goodbye to worries about scuff marks caused by rough washing cycles.Featuring a convenient zipper closure, our laundry bag securely encloses your clogs, ensuring they remain safely contained throughout the wash. The zipper is thoughtfully designed with a zipper cover, adding an extra layer of protection to prevent snagging or scratching other items in the machine.Not only does our Laundry Bag for Clogs offer exceptional protection, but it also provides effortless cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, the bag is conveniently sized to accommodateall Calzuro clog styles, offering versatility and compatibility with various footwear designs.Our laundry bag is the ultimate accessory for keeping your clogs clean and pristine. Preserve their quality, extend their lifespan, and enjoy the ease and convenience of machine-washing without any worries. Invest in our Laundry Bag and experience the perfect combination of protection, functionality, and peace of mind for your beloved footwear.

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