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Calzuro Classic With Holes Maroon

Calzuro Classic With Holes Maroon

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Experience the pinnacle of comfort and functionality with Calzuro Classics With Holes. These iconic clogs offer unmatched support, durability, and breathability for professionals across various industries. Whether you're a healthcare worker, chef, or simply someone seeking all-day comfort, Calzuro Classics are designed to exceed your expectations.


  • Autoclavable (273˚)
  • Certified Slip-resistant
  • Anti-static
  • Eco-friendly
  • Latex-free
  • 1.5" heel to reduce fatigue
  • Side ventilation for feet to breathe
  • Massaging bumps to circulate blood flow
  • Commercial dishwasher safe (culinary)

Cleaning Instructions

All Calzuro styles are machine washable and can be bleached. Calzuro Classic styles are unique for medical professionals as they can be sterilized in the autoclave. For culinary use, Calzuro Classic styles can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.


Warm water & dish soap

Disinfectant/cleaning wipe


Washing Machine

Commercial or Regular Dishwasher


Washer Disinfector

*Classics are sterilizable in autoclave up to 134°C/275°F, washable in washing machine up to 90°C/194°F and in dishwasher up to 70°C/158°F with mild soap/dish soap.

  • 100% Made In Italy
  • Recyclable
  • Easy To Clean
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